My girlfriend and I were out of the country for 7 days and Kimberly looked after our cat, Ranger.  He was recently at the vet for a fever, and we felt completely comfortable leaving him under Kimberly's supervision, being that she has experience working in a vet-environment and would be able to act accordingly in the event that Ranger became sick.  She made sure he had plenty of food and water, as well as cleaning his litter and letting him outside to play.  We will definitely be using her services again in the future when we travel.  
Please feel free to contact me via email or by phone and I will be happy to recommend her services.  330-704-5642

As an owner of four small dogs, I truly appreciate the professionalism of Kimberly Hall.  Kimberly is trustworthy and dependable and provides me with a peace of mind that while I am away my pets are being lovingly cared for in the comfort of their own home and by an individual who truly cares for animals.  For Kimberly, it is more than a career, working with animals is her passion. Kimberly has taken care of my dogs many times and I would recommend her with confidence.Sincerely,   Kim Celedinas

To Whom It May Concern:
This is to advise you that Kimberly Hall worked for me several months ago for the purpose of walking my two dachshunds.  I again used her services just the other day.  She came three times each day and was always on time.  If there were a problem, she would call to advise.  I entrusted her with a key to my home.    I found Kimberly to be extremely reliable, dependable, punctual, and honest.  I would recommend her services to anyone and intend to retain her in the future should the need arise. 
 Very Truly Yours, Eileen Kazin

To Whom It May Concern:
Kimberly Hall has taken excellent care of my two cats on the occasions when I couldn't be home.  The cats have been fed, entertained, and generally well care for in my absence.  
Kimberly was recommended to me by friends that take impeccable care of their own animals.  On a very short notice, she agreed to feed and check on my cats when I had emergent travel for work.  Since then, I've been confident to rely on her to take care of my cats whenever I have to be away from home.  She provides reliable pet care and has always been responsive when I have a question or request.   In addition, she has been quite flexible when my travel plans have changed.  I trust her with my house and the most important things in it- my cats.  I have no doubts that my cats are well cared for and receiving loving attention when Kimberly in on the job.
I would highly recommend Kimberly to anyone who is considering a pet sitter.  
Yolanda Good (954) 401-1277 

Dear Pet Owner,
I am writing to share my experience with Kimberly who has given exceptional care to our two cats and dog since November 2010.  Kimberly was referred to us by our Vet's office, Juno Beach Animal Hospital.  She started off coming over while we were out of town for daily visits with our two cats, one of which needed twice daily insulin injections and had very specific mealtime instructions.   Eventually she came to stay with our two cats and dog while we traveled overnight for 2-3 evenings at a time.
I liked Kimberly right away because she had a very nice and calm demeanor and got right down to the animals level to greet them.  They were all very comfortable with her from the beginning.  What was also important to me is that she always listened to my concerns and was willing to work with me to meet all our pet's special needs (especially our diabetic cat).
In the two years she has worked for us, I have found her to be extremely reliable and trustworthy.  She is very accommodating with changes in schedule and always returns my calls promptly.  She has also left notes and/or texts about her visits and will always reach out to us if she has any concerns about the pets while they are in her care.  I feel she truly cares  about animals and in genuinely concerned about their well-being.  Parker, Purrkins, Winston, John, and I would highly recommend her as a pet  sitter.  She has been a great help to us, allowing us peace of mind when we aren't there!  
Sincerely,  Christina and John 

To Whom It May Concern,
I have been an animal lover since my early childhood, and for that reason owned a many a dog and bird, usually a multi-pet family.  In the past I would take my "small family" with me everywhere I went ...... until my fiancée came along. And then we started to travel, mostly abroad, travel a lot abroad. And so the need for a dog sitter for kenneling would never do for our doggies.
Currently we have 4 very active doggies - pair of Maltese and pair of Havanese - and of course a parrot ...... don't ever forget the parrot as they need attention, and lots of lov'in too.  Since we travel much, it always pains me so much to leave my "kids" in the hands of others.
About two years ago, when my past sitter was unable to care for our kids, I purely by accident found Kimberly - and what a gem I found!  I can't even imagine going on a trip without her there for Willow, Halo, Lambchops, Bentley and Heathrow.   Kimberly is exceptionally caring and kind to them.  From the get-go, our little neurotic one calmed down and took to her without a hitch.  I can't say that for just anyone as she is very capable to care for multiple doggies and is truly a pack leader - takes them all out at the same time for their daily walks.  She is intuitive, and knows just what they need in difficult times. Recently she even alerted us to the Recalled Treats we were feeding our kids - I mean who goes that distance to make sure all things are right.  Whether we are gone for the weekend or a week or two - she is very accommodating to our schedule departures making sure all is in place. We trust her implicitly - she has full rein to our home, garage clickers and all.  Upon our return, all is in place, the kids are calm and well cared for. Like we never left. I could not possibly think to recommend anyone else, really.  If you have any concerns or questions, you may feel free to contact me, Barb, at 561-613-1769.  Barbara Schmidt

Dear Kimberly, 
I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the loving care you have given to my dogs, Cha-Cha and LuLu  It has been a comfort over the last few years knowing that I can call you anytime and trust you with my babies and my home.  You are the only person, other than my mother, that has the code to my alarm at my house.  I feel so comfortable knowing that you are always there on time and have my babies best interests at heart.  I could see when you came by for the walk-through to discuss the overnight stays during my vacation, how much my babies loved you!  They were so excited just to see you walk through the door!  ​
Vacation has  always been a worried me in the past.  Leaving the dogs  with someone at my home and hoping they would be taken care of the way I would take care of them.  After this last trip, I  will not ever hesitate to go away.  They were happy and healthy when I  came home and it made me be able to relax and really able to enjoy my vacation to the fullest without any guilt or concern.  
Again, thank you so much for all you do and please feel free to use me as a reference for any future business you may   have.  JOYCE ANN DOMENICO  561-670-3183